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Infrastructure (DevOps) Developer

Job description:
Infrastructure (DevOps) Developer

We are currently growing our software development team and are looking for an experienced Infrastructure Developer to share our passion and understanding of DevOps with customers, colleagues, and the community.

Do you enjoy defining infrastructure as code, setting up delivery pipelines, and thinking about monitoring, scalability and performance? Great, we`re on the right track.

There are a number of technologies that we are working with / investigating on the infrastructure side so ideally we would expect you to have familiarity with (some) of the following:

• Programming languages (e.g. Rust, Ruby, Java, Python?)
• Virtualization (e.g. Docker, Vagrant, KVM, VMWare?)
• Cloud/PaaS/IaaS: (e.g. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google App/Compute Engine, Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm?)
• Infrastructure provisioning & testing: (e.g. Terraform, Chef, Puppet, Ansible?)
• Continuous Integration & Delivery: (e.g. Jenkins, GoCD, Travis, Bamboo, CodeClimate?)
• Web & application servers (e.g. nginx, Apache, JBoss, Jetty?)
• Databases (e.g. PostgreSQL, MySQL, DynamoDB, Cassandra, Redis?)

let`s talk if you:

• Believe in choosing the right tools for the job and are able to adopt different technologies with ease.
• Deliver value with well-crafted software at a sustainable pace
• Embrace and foster a continuous learning culture, e.g.: knowledge sharing, coaching, mentoring, apprenticeship?
• Apply practices and concepts such as collective code ownership, clean code, simple design, refactoring, TDD?
• Understand that values such as communication, simplicity, feedback, courage and respect are core elements of our work.
• Have a desire to give back to the community, e.g.: contributing to open-source projects, delivering talks, facilitating workshops?
• Are nice :)

Do the above points resonate with you? Excellent, these are the things we really value and the core of our engineering culture; we need you to keep this alive!

and? what about the perks?

We understand that everyone has different needs and interests, and we support our people in this regard. Bringing family and work together? Fancy attending a conference? Get new books? Tell us what you need ;)

what else has to be said?

Although we are an international company, most of our projects are with German speaking companies. Thus, knowledge of German is a big plus. If you don`t speak German (but would be keen to learn, with our help!) and think it`s a perfect match, please go ahead and apply!

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Job type:
Non UK, Hamburg
45000-65000 Per Annum
Posted by:
ABrecruit Ltd
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